Unlocking Your Best Swing: Costa Health’s Expert Guide to Addressing C and S Shaped Postures in Golfers

Date: 4 February 2024

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Assessing C and S-Shaped Postures in Golfers on the Costa Del Sol

In the serene landscapes of the Costa del Sol, golfers revel in the joy of the game against a backdrop of sun-kissed beauty. At Costa Health, our chiropractors and physiotherapists specialise in assessing and treating golfers, helping them overcome physical restrictions and injuries associated with this popular sport.

Today, we are going to look at one of the first places we start when assessing a golfer’s swing and body movement – the C and S-shaped posture!

The C and S-shaped postures in golf refer to the spinal curvatures players may adopt during their swings. The C-shaped posture involves a rounded back, resembling the letter ‘C’, while the S-shaped posture manifests as an exaggerated curve resembling the letter ‘S’. Both postures can significantly impact a golfer’s performance and lead to a range of injuries and swing faults.

Common Injuries Associated:

1. Lower Back Pain: The C-shaped posture often places excessive strain on the lower back, leading to discomfort and pain.

2. Shoulder Issues: Golfers adopting an S-shaped posture may experience shoulder problems due to the increased stress on this joint during the swing.

3. Hip Strain: Both postures can contribute to hip strain, affecting the golfer’s stability and overall swing mechanics.

Identifying Swing Faults:

1. Reduced Range of Motion: Golfers with a C-shaped posture may face limitations in their ability to rotate through the swing, impacting both power and accuracy.

2. Slice and Hook: S-shaped posture can contribute to swing faults such as slices and hooks, affecting the trajectory of the ball.

3. Inconsistent Ball Striking: Both postures may lead to inconsistent ball striking, making it challenging for golfers to maintain a reliable and effective swing.

Costa Health’s Approach to Treatment:

Our chiropractors and physiotherapists at Costa Health are dedicated to addressing the specific needs of golfers on the Costa del Sol. Through personalised assessments, we identify the root causes of C and S-shaped postures, tailoring treatment plans to enhance flexibility, strength, and overall biomechanics.

Treatment may include:

1. Chiropractic Adjustments: Aligning the spine to promote optimal posture and movement.

2. Physiotherapy: Targeted exercises to strengthen key muscle groups and improve flexibility.

3. Educational Guidance: Providing golfers with strategies to maintain proper posture during play, reducing the risk of future injuries.


Costa Health is a specialist clinic for golfers seeking expert care on the Costa del Sol. By addressing the nuances of C and S-shaped postures, our chiropractors and physiotherapists empower golf enthusiasts to enjoy the game with improved performance and reduced risk of injuries. Let us be your partner in achieving a healthier, more enjoyable golfing experience.

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