Paul Morrison

Paul's Story

Paul Morrison is a Chiropractor and sports massage therapist from Hertfordshire in the UK.

Before becoming a Chiropractor, he ran his own painting and decorating business for 15 years. Despite his passion for his work, years of labour and working in awkward positions led to severe lower back pain, disc bulges, and debilitating mobility issues.

Chiropractic care became a turning point for Paul when treatments from his best friend, who was a Chiropractor, significantly alleviated his pain. Regular massage therapy also contributed to his well-being, but ultimately, he realised the need for a career shift, considering the longevity of his physically demanding job.

Encouraged by his friend, Paul returned to university part-time at 32. After six years of study, he qualified as a Chiropractor in 2018, driven by a desire to offer others the relief and understanding of body mechanics that had so profoundly impacted his life.

Paul understands that many people endure pains, assuming them to be expected. He finds fulfilment in altering such perceptions, educating individuals about their bodily sensations, and addressing issues they had resigned to living with.

Alongside his Chiropractic degree, Paul achieved an ITEC level 5 sports massage qualification. He values muscle treatment as a vital component of holistic care that, when applied effectively, synergises with Chiropractic practices.

An avid sports enthusiast, Paul played football and cricket to commendable local standards into his 30s. His personal experience in sports allows him to relate to sporty clients, understand their physical demands and assist them in maximising their athletic performance.

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